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This weekend, one of our employees made derogatory comments on Facebook in relation to the trial and verdict in the case of Colton Boushie’s death. These comments were forwarded to millions of users across North America through Twitter.

When we were notified of those comments, we took action by suspending the employee until we can investigate the comments and decide on further action.
To be clear—this type of language does not represent our co-op. Pioneer Co-op is as diverse as our communities. If you’ve ever been to one of our annual meetings, you can appreciate how much we value having different views and opinions.

That said, we don’t support or tolerate hateful speech. It’s not who we are as a co-op. It does not represent our values. We know that this type of language is damaging to the people and communities served by Pioneer Co-op and, in this case, well beyond the area we serve.

We encourage all of our employees, and anyone involved in a public discussion, to be respectful. When we respect each other, we can bring our communities together.



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